Bc Rules .Must read.

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Bc Rules .Must read.

Post  Phillip.png! on Sat Nov 12, 2011 8:13 am

Welcome to Bearville club! These are our forum rules. Please read and abide by them.

These are topics you should NEVER talk about:
-Social Networking (Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, etc...)
-Outside links other unless attactched to BABV/BABW/BI/Other BABV forums.
(There is a specified forum section for other forums. If you put it in chat without an administrator's permission, serious consequences will follow. Referring by pm is also not allowed)
If you catch anyone talking about these topics, please contact an Administrator by PM, and put a list of everyone involved in the conversation, and a log if possible.

Please, DO NOT SPAM OR FLOOD. Spamming is when you post "njgfglksrshe" and flooding is where you post repeatedly.

Youtube videos are prohibited, as they make the site run very slowly and are offsite.

You are NOT, by any means, allowed to post private information, other than your first name if you wish. But addresses, full names, phone numbers, and account passwords are forbidden, and consequences will be set if you break these rules.

There is no size limit to signatures, but be reasonable. If we think it's too big, we will ask you to change it. If you refuse, you will get a warning.

Extra account are not allowed. If we find you with more than one account, you will be banned for a time. If you claim to be a celebrity (i.e. CyBearGuides, MaxineCEB, ChloeRocks, Miguelsunshine, ETC...) you must meet an administrator for verification. If you are found to be impersonating, you will face a permanent ban.
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